Svjatoslav Richter plays Franz Liszt

Svjatoslav Richter plays Franz Liszt

Svjatoslav Richter plays Liszt Piano sonata
Svjatoslav Richter plays Liszt Piano sonata


A probably 14th reissue of Svjatoslav Richter concerts and recordings by PragaDigitals


  • Piano sonata (New York Carnegie Hall – May 18, 1965)
  • Études d’exécution transcendantes S 139, n° 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10 & 11 (Prague – June 10, 1956 [1, 2, 3, 5 & 11)], Moscow – April 8, 1958  [8 & 10] –  May 27 [7]
  • Les années de pélerinage – 3e année – Italie – Aux cyprès de la villa d’Este (Moscow – February 2, 1956)
  • Hungarian rahpsody n° 17 (Moscow – February 5, 1958)
  • Valses oubliées – n°3 (Budapest – February 11, 1958)

soukenikWe won’t write again about the miracles made by the sound engineer, Karel Soukenik. Curiously here, the only piece sounding still a little bit old is the latest recorded: the piano Sonata – NY 1965. Even though, the pianism of SR is very well rendered in this 79′ (!!) SACD.

Pierre Barbier, Pragadigitals founder and Director, is a little annoyed of my lack of palatability with Richter. He is going to convince me…

This is maybe not my favorite Liszt sonata, but there are many beautiful moments in this fierce reading. Astonsing Études d’exécution transcendantes, particularly Feux follets, but all the pieces should be cited.

Hereunder the Valse oubliée n°3 (mp3 quality – sorry).

To sum it up, go for it: it is a limited edition! A new reissue is already announced : including Mephisto waltz 1 & Nuages gris.


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