Roger Muraro – Franz Liszt

Roger Muraro – Franz Liszt

Roger Muraro - Liszt - La Dolce Volta
Roger Muraro – Liszt – La Dolce Volta

Fantasia and fugue on B-A-C-H
Der Fliegende Holländer, Spinnerlied
Tristan une Isolde: Isoldens Liebestod
Hungarian rapsody no 10
Saint François de Paule marchant sur les eaux
Sonata in B minor
Bonus online track: Hungarian rapsody no 15 ‘Rácókzy’

Some critics first:

  • This CD is entitled “The piano of tomorrow”: this title would be best suited for the recent album by Marino Formenti which confronts more premonitory pieces by Liszt with scores by contemporary composers.
  • The visual (for me).
  • The sound, correct but with rather blurry harmonics.

Many applauds then:

  • Roger Muraro is an outstanding pianist: fluidity, virtuosity, colors: an enchantment (the sequencings in Tristan!).
  • The program: a survey of main characteristics of Liszt’s piano: Bach, Wagner, transcriptions, religiosity and Hungarian music.
  • For me the best part may be the Fantasia on BACH, splendid. For Saint François, I had preferred more characterized phrasing.
  • And then a very good lecture of the Sonata (that’s a rather short comment!: everyone has his own opinion on he way this extraordinary piece should be done – maybe later on I’ll make a complete interpretative survey just to characterize the best versions – this present one may very well belong to them).

A very good Liszt CD.

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